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China, Qingdao
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  • BrandBufo Bufo
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • Volume10000 cm³
  • ColorBrown
  • GTIN13785


Tads, also referred to as true toads, represent a category of amphibians within the Bufonidae family, encompassing over 35 genera, with Bufo being the most prevalent. The species Bufo alvarius, colloquially known as the Colorado River toad or Sonoran Desert toad, is recognized for its psychoactive properties. Specifically, the toad's primary defense mechanism involves dual glands producing a potent poison capable of causing harm even to a mature dog. These parotid glands also generate 5 - MeO - DMT and bufotenine, both belonging to the hallucinogenic tryptamine family.


Bufo alvarius, along with its venom, has been linked to the enduring urban legend suggesting that licking certain frogs induces a euphoric state. Contrary to this widespread belief, scientific evidence dismisses the notion, emphasizing that licking Bufo alvarius would likely lead to medical complications, possibly requiring hospitalization.



True toads exhibit a widespread distribution, naturally occurring on every continent except Australia and Antarctica. They thrive in diverse environments, ranging from arid regions to rainforests. While most true toads deposit eggs in paired strings that later hatch into tadpoles, the genus Nectophrynoides differs as its eggs directly transform into miniature toads.


Notably, the parotoid glands located on the back of their heads serve as reservoirs for an alkaloid poison that the toads release under stress. This poison comprises various toxins with distinct effects, collectively referred to as bufotoxin. Different species contain varying substances and proportions within the poison, resulting in differing toxicity levels. For instance, the cane toad, Bufo marinus, is known to be more toxic than some of its counterparts.


Among true toads, the Colorado River toad stands out as the largest in the United States, reaching lengths of approximately 7.5 inches (190 mm), second only to the non - native cane toad (Rhinella marina). Characterized by smooth, leathery skin, the toad displays an olive green or mottled brown coloration. Prominently featured behind its large golden eye with a horizontal pupil is a bulging kidney - shaped parotoid gland. Below this, a sizable circular pale green area marks the tympanum or ear drum. Additionally, white warts near the mouth corner and glands on the legs contribute to the production of toxic secretions from various glands.

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